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INTERVIEW: @Tyga talks Cash Money, new mixtape and Kylie Jenner at Big Boy TV

This Friday Tyga sat down with Big Boy TV to discuss all things Tyga, the interview covered a range of topics, hence the duration of the interview (48:22). The rapper discusses; his new video shoot, Kylie Jenner relationship, his current situation with Cash Money and more. You can watch the interview below and read more to find out all about Big Boy's most recent interview.

Firstly, Tyga talks abut his recent trip to Jamaica and lets us into a few things he has coming up... He talks about filming for his new single '1 Of 1', "They showed us a lot of love out there", it seems as though T-Raw got that special treatment whilst out in the projects "Usually when you go to the projects or when you go to somewhere you only get an hour, out there we was out there all--- day" he says. Not only did the fans get to hear about the rappers surprise, T-Raw also tells us that "They chicken is pfhh, that's all I was eating".

When questioned about his relationship with Cash Money he says "I'm a free agent, you know what I'm saying right now I'm doing everything by myself independently". This response swerves away from the question in my opinion. Big Boy checks what the situation would be if Tyga passed by anyone from Cash Money, he says "Ah yeah I talked to Mac the other day, I always support Wayne, you see that last record was like free The Carter 5, like I'm a fan of Wayne and I'm a fan of Cash Money and everything they did, just my business wasn't right". The 'Rack City' rapper then went on to say that he hasn't spoke to Birdman in a minute.

Of course the interview couldn't have gone without addressing Tyga's situation with Kylie Jenner and Big Boy doesn't spend anytime messing around, he jumps straight in and asks T-Raw "How is the relationship, the Tyga and Kylie relationship", "I'm single" he responds. The Last Kings rapper clears up that he was not in any kind of relationship with rumoured girl Demi Rose. Starting to open up even more the rapper admits "I'm single enjoying life. The thing is when you are in a very public relationship like its hard for other people to see you differently, it over shadowed a lot of my talent, I think it got to a point where you know, I respect you and you respect me and maybe later on in life we might come back, but for now I'm going to focus on what I gotta do".

He then continues to tell everyone about his accomplishments over the last year, like being in his fire movie (Barbershop 3) and opening a new Last Kings store in Orange County and finishing the second series of his TV show 'Kingin' With Tyga', that will now be premiered on MTV. It is clear to see that he just wants to remain focussed and progress in his career.

Tyga also stated a few things that would definitely impress the fans, "Imma drop a new mixtape, its called Bitch I'm The Sh*t 2, I dropped the first one in like 2000, and '1 Of 1' is the first single off that. But I don't wanna put an album out". It sounds as though, despite the rumours and everything in the media surrounding Tyga at the moment, he is still in a good place and wants to release new music and develop.

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