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ALBUM: @Yg - Still Brazy

Two days before its official release, YG blessed Apple Music with an exclusive stream of his new album 'Still Brazy', Apple Music can't seem to stop securing all these exclusives. This album is a follow up from his 'My Krazy Life' album, but will this album peak higher than No.2 on the Billboard' 200 list. After being on Apple Music exclusively for 48 hours, you can finally buy 'Still Brazy' via iTunes and stream via Spotify. This album is a perfect way for YG to kick start his Endless Summer Tour later this month with G-Eazy, Logic and Yo Gotti.

This new project has 17 tracks in total, which is a pretty impressive quantity of work. Most artists now a days seem to be including 15+ tracks on their albums, which is strange because albums never used to contain that many tracks - maybe just 11-13 tracks. Not only does 'Still Brazy' contain a lot of records but it also features some of the rap games biggest names, such as; Drake, Lil Wayne, Ty Dolla $ign, Dr.Dre and more. This new album include hit records that we have previously heard like 'Why You Always Hatin?' 'FDT' and 'Twist My Fingaz'. From June 28 YG will kick start 'The Endless Summer Tour' in Dallas with Logic, G-Eazy and Yo Gotti, this tour will finish on August 5.

When previously interviewed at The Cruz Show Power 106, YG gave us an insight into how much work has gone into this album. "Everything was difficult on this album" "It was the run-around on every level, just the producer side of things, recording, putting it together, really getting my story together". The whole build up of this album seems way more planned than the last 'My Krazy Life' album, you can tell that YG' music has developed and it is clear to see that he has matured as a person and an artist, by the way he has conducted the lead up to this album and the way he carries himself in recent interviews. Check out the official tracklist below...


01 Pops Hot Intro 02 Don't Come to L.A. (Ft. Sad Boy, A.D., and Bricc Baby) 03 Who Shot Me? 04 Word is Bond (Ft. Slim 400) 05 Twist My Fingaz 06 Good Times Interlude (Ft. Syke 800, Duce, Marley Blu, & Burnt Out) 07 Gimmie Got Shot 08 I Got a Question (Ft. Lil Wayne) 09 Why You Always Hatin' (Ft. Drake & Kamaiyah) 10 My Perception (Ft. Slim 400) 11 Bool, Balm & Bollective 12 She Wish She Was (Ft. Joe Moses & Jay 305) 13 YG Be Safe (Ft. the Homegirl) 14 Still Brazy 15 FDT (Ft. Nipsey Hussle) 16 Blacks & Browns (Ft. Sad Boy) 17 Police Get Away Wit Murder

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