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Summer Jam 2016: The Round Up!

Find out what went on at this years annual Summer Jam 2016...

As I am sure you all know by now, Summer Jam is an annual music festival that is held in East Rutherford, New Jersey and it is sponsored/organised by New York's Hot97 radio station. The event is usually set in June and as we have experienced before, they feature a lot of big names and in recent years we have saw the likes of; Drake, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, J.Cole, Pusha.T, Kanye West and many more. Summer Jam 2015 didn't go aswell as Ebro and his team would have liked, there was a couple of riots just outside the stadium. The cause of the riots were supposedly people who was trying to climb over gates to gain access because they had no tickets. When rioters were stopped by New Jersey State Police the incident got worse and worse, Hot97 had to make the decision to close all of the gates which made the crowd even more violent which resorted in them all throwing glass bottles at police and security, find out how this years Summer Jam went down.

With last years problems being caused by riots and unpleasant fans, one question on everyone's mind was, will violent fans cause more issues this year? But in fact this year the problems were caused by an excusable factor...The weather. Around 6-7 pm, Hot97 and their supporters were warned that there was going to be torrential storms, which left everyone in doubt that it was actually going to continue. Hot 97 was then left with a massive decision to make, if they didn't cut down on some of the acts they would probably not have enough time for their headliners on the Stadium Stage. Despite such big names performing on the Festival Stage (For example, Tory Lanez, Desiigner and Chance The Rapper) they was forced to cancel all performances on that stage and delay the Stadium Stage by three hours, in hope that the rain would have stopped by then.

Luckily enough, by around about 8.30 the skies had cleared and there was confirmation that some of the acts would be able to perform, but with such a big delay on the Stadium Stage acts from there would also have to be cut. The first acts to perform were New York artists that wasn't even on the lineup, we heard Uncle Murda, 2Milly and Maino came out to open the night with his hit 'Harder Than Them'. After this we got to see a performance that was highly anticipated - Yes! It was in fact time for GOOD Music' set and they did not fail to disappoint. Big Sean, Pusha T and Desiigner were all there, along with honorary member 2 Chainz and the main man himself, Kanye West. After performing 'Mercy', 'Panda' and new hit collab 'Champions' it was time for GOOD Music to leave the stage and Bryson Tiller to emerge, bringing Fabulous with him too. A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg were the next duo to perform before Hot97 brought out the next act of the night (which ended up to be the headliner).

Even though this next act wasn't the headliner because of all the delays, DJ Khaled ended up being the headline act... Even though the fans were expecting Future to headline, I am sure they was not disappointed when they got to see DJ Khaled,Yo Gotti, Busta Rhymes, Ty Dolla $ign, Rick Ross, OT Genasis, Kent Jones, Movado, M.O.P and the LOX... I guess they wasn't joking when they listed 'DJ Khaled and friends' in the lineup. Below you can hear all about what Khaled thought of Summer Jam 2016 when he phones in at Hot 97 yesterday and check out the acts who did not get to perform...

There has been a lot of gossip floating around Twitter the past few days, #SummerJam has been trending a lot. But one artist in particular has taken the spotlight on most of the Summer Jam news and that rapper is Future, who was posted all over the events promotion as the headline act. However with all the delays he was not able to perform and despite the gossip, Future seems to have no problems with Hot 97 but obviously he was disappointed not to headline this year. He even expressed his feelings towards Hot97 on his Twitter "Totally satisfied & happy wit hot 97 always showing love spinning my records...misunderstood, dnt play Yoself" (@1future)...

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