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NEW VIDEO: @BigKurtMM x @LilChoppzOnline x @WaveyScorpz - Active

K-Man, Lil Choppa and Scorpz are definitely doing bits for 0121 right now by bringing to us their cold new track 'Active' which was released last night. The trio all deliver cold verses which all coincide nicely with each other to create a timeless sound.

Having not heard much of K's work, his flow and bars on this track are well timed and executed in a style which will imprint on the listener. Once again, Scorpz and Choppa continue to do what they do best and haven't damaged their powerful reputations with 'Active'. It's tracks like this which draws people into listening to the Birmingham sound and the art coming from the city.

A massive shoutout must be given to Suave (@MylesSuave) for the production of the visuals.

You can check out the track below..

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