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@OfficialChip shuts down sold out XOYO show!

On Wednesday evening Chip was set to perform at XOYO in London for his sold out headline show, but once again the North London MC had to take it one step further and it turns out he had a few surprises in stall for those lucky enough to get a ticket.

As usual Chip came out and bodied his beats, and conveniently secured 3 wheel ups. This meant it was time for his first surprise to be unleashed. Kano calmly came out and started to deliver '3 Wheel Ups' and proceeded to send the crowd through the roof! If the crowd weren't gassed enough it was only right for Giggs to come out and perform his verse on the banger. The trio killed the track and gave the crowd enough energy to get them through till Chip's next special guest was ready.

This time round the audience were not ready for when Ghetts arrived on stage. After coming out to perform his 'One Take' freestyle he secured several wheel ups and him and Chip continued to shut down the event. After lifting the roof of XOYO Chip continued to turn the night into a movie by bringing out the Wicked Skeng Man himself, Stormzy. After performing his spin on 'One Take' Chip and Stormz teamed up to perform 'Hear Dis'.

From the footage I have seen it definitely looks like the whole night was a move, but my attention was gripped to the 'Hear Dis' performance and his link up with upcoming Nafe Smallz and Black The Ripper to perform their 'Smokin' Remix'.

You can check out the footage below.