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NEW TRACK: @Tyga - Cash Money

T-Raww has been a main attraction in the media over the past couple of weeks, with Kylie Jenner and him splitting up plus a potential new girl on the scene. The rapper has found himself in the spotlight at this moment in time. This clearly has not affected Tyga’s work rate though, as after a week of delivering the audio to his new single ‘Cash Money’, he has now released the visuals. For weeks now Tyga has hinted a new mixtape ‘Bitch I’m The Shit 2’ which will follow up from previous mixtape ‘Bitch I’m The Shit’, this leaves us all questioning… Will Cash Money be the first record from his upcoming mixtape?

With Tyga leaving Cash Money over a year ago and now he is relying on his own money and his own label, it seems like he has come back with this record to send a message to Birdman’s label. As we all know, Tyga left YMCMB because he believed that he wasn’t getting paid for any of his projects released under that label. So he started up his own label ‘Last Kings Records’ which seems to be doing pretty well and is still making Tyga “Cash Money”. The ‘Rack City’ rapper does not shy away from expressing his feelings about the label on this record, “Cash Money never paid me” he raps, but then gives his fans some reassurance that he is still doing good “but your boy did his thing and still made cash money”.

Tyga approaches this video to send out a message, as you watch the visuals this message becomes clearer. He is portraying to his fans that he’s doing all good by himself, he is trying to teach his audience that it is okay to do things by yourself. By stunting with a lot of women and fast cars in the video, I am sure the fans will take motivation from this. The Last Kings crew take it way back to the 90’s with this style of video, repping their baggy t-shirts and camouflage bandanas , which of course links to the theme of this track because the 90’s was Cash Money’s ‘golden era’

As far as Tyga’s personal life is concerned, we all know that he has now officially broken up with Kylie Jenner, will this destroy his career? It seems as though the rapper has a clear vision with what he wants to do with his life without Kylie. Watch what happened, when TMZ caught up with the rapper hours after the news broke out…

Check out Tyga’s visuals for his new track ‘Cash Money’ above and keep a look out for what the American rapper has to offer over the next couple of weeks.

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