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@Jaykae_Invasion is back and on track to have his biggest year yet!

May 29, 2016

Last week Jaykae made a long awaited return to the grime scene with the big track 'Toothache'. Despite his talent and strong reputation in the grime scene Jaykae has been far from active as of late. After a huge 2013 things were definitely on the up, building bridges with London through Skepta and the Boy Better Know crew and delivering banger after banger it was not only Jaykae or Invasion Alert rising to the top but it put Birmingham on the map and the nation started to listen. But between the rise in 2013 and now Jaykae's life has took some twists and turns, and it is clear to us now that he's able to focus on music again after releasing such a high quality track in 'Toothache'.

We were waiting for Hooligan, since mid 2015 we've been waiting for 'Where Have You Been'. In a recent interview with Despa Robinson Jaykae discussed exactly where he's been at and whats been going on with him in the time that he took a step back from music. Hooligan, as the title states, was a production which was going to be reflective of his mindset and situation, but this time round 'Where Have You Been' is going to explain why Jaykae left the Hooligan mindset and it is also a way of following his journey from Hooligan till now. You can watch the interview below:




Toothache, regardless of it being labelled as a 'comeback' track, is one of Jaykae's hardest tracks yet. Thomas Mellor provided a dark and heavy beat. The biggest thing that caught my attention was Jaykae's flow and lyrical content. He brought out a side to him that I have only ever witnessed in his Fire In The Booth, which was an extremely emotional tribute to his close friend Depzman. I feel that the Grime Scene Hooligan's approach to music has matured and this is portrayed in the way he approached the beat for this track and his lyrical content seems a lot more personal and deep in comparison to bars he has written in the past.


Yesterday the Brum MC dropped the 'Where Have You Been' Vlog which is set to continue as a series. This allows us to gain an insight into what he's really been up to, and from the first episode we saw him go from travelling across Europe, featuring at a number of events and getting in food in Dixy Chicken with Mist. It seems that he's been busy. You can catch up with what he's been upto in Episode 1 of the 'Where Have You Been' Vlog series below:




From the vlog, his interview with Despa and more recently D2's episode on Meet The Artists, it seems that Jaykae is in a much more positive place and has a much clearer mindset when it comes to music. I definitely can't wait to see what he's got in stall for us for the rest of the year.


You can purchase 'Toothache' from the link below:




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