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Potter Payper & M Huncho announce joint mixtape '36 Hours' with new single 'Two Wise Men'

The Groundworks family are ready to take the scene by storm once again, and the levels within the roster just keep continuing to rise. As they send shockwaves throughout the scene, the GW team have blessed us with a huge announcement and new music from two of the UK scene and Groundworks' most exciting artist, Potter Payper & M Huncho.

Potter Payper & M Huncho

Both artists hold huge reputations within the UK rap game, and with them both being apart of the same camp, it only made sense that they locked in at the studio to bless us with new music. I'm sure the fans would have been happy with a track, but in a few weeks time we'll be getting a collaborative project from the duo titled '36 Hours'.

In order to build the hype for the upcoming body of work, Payper and Huncho drop off a gripping new single titled 'Two Wise Men' and it is no surprise that this is already picking up huge numbers.

Be sure to check out the new drop below, and keep your eyes peeled for '36 Hours'.


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