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NEW VIDEO: namesbliss - Iniesta Flow

The 21st July 2023, that’s when I first heard this song! Yes the song is so special I checked my Spotify playlist to find the date I added the song and Grime evolved for the better! namesbliss has now released a wavey music video that does justice to the sound!


It was about a week or so after the infamous Central Cee x Dave x Corteiz impromptu grime set. The dust had started to settle, after two UK giants had announced and released their joint EP and I found myself on YouTube. I replayed the full set, in hope that I would find some missing gems that I skipped over on the first listen… and that’s exactly what I found. namesbliss stepped to the mic with a cool, elegance that demanded attention and his bars packed smart wordplay that kept me interested ‘I’m Iniesta in 08, trying to find where the space is’!!

I have never heard of him before, maybe I’m late!? Grime hasn’t been at the forefront for a while. But as soon as I heard this I searched for him on Spotify and added 'Iniesta Flow' to 3 of my playlists! namesbliss has clearly mastered his craft and it’s no surprise acclaimed lyricist such as Loyle Carner are in his comment section showing their love. ‘So fly I Never land/Netherland like I went Dam. Fan’s in Holland and you want to send fam. Double Dutch, I jump over your dead plan’. This triple entendre is just an example of how lethal his pen game is!!

A big shoutout also needs to go to Scruz the producer of this beat, it's passive aggressive, calm but full of energy and serves as the perfect platform! I like this sound direction for grime.

I’m putting namesbliss on my ‘one’s to watch list’ and you should to, check out his video for Iniesta Flow below:


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