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🇬🇧 NEW UK RELEASES 🇬🇧 | 26/01/2024

Here's a list of all the latest releases that have just dropped in the UK...

Skepta - Gas Me Up (Diligent)

Groundworks - The G Tape: Volume 3

Sainté - Tea Over Henny

Courtney Courtney - Ready For Ya

tn_490 & Strandz - Jezebel

Highlyy - +243

Carns Hill ft. DoRoad, Kwengface & R6 - Red & Black

Stay Flee Get Lizzy ft. Ms Banks & Tamera - Wrist On Freeze

Nino Uptown - How High?

A2 Anti - LEANN

FelixThe1st - swan song

Buni - Basically

Kamal. - still a little something

Yusef Dayes ft. Elijah Fox - Istanbul

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