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🇬🇧 NEW UK RELEASES 🇬🇧 | 22/03/2024

Here's a list of all the latest releases that have just dropped in the UK...

Jimmy - Where Should I Start

Nemzzz - Do Not Disturb (Deluxe)

nineteen97 - Stay Alive

C4 - Final Boss

Laicositna - Experience

Arz - Long Time No See

Interplanetary Criminal ft. Blanco - Races

Mr Manage ft. SG - Get It & Go

Blay Vision - Stuck

Kamal. - hurt people

Kwoli Black - Can I Speak

Russ Millions ft. Buni & Tee Rowdy - Love Language

Debbie - It’s Been A Week

Miles From Kinshasa - +44

Downtown Kayoto - Came Thru

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