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🇬🇧 NEW UK RELEASES 🇬🇧 | 08/03/2024

Here's a list of all the latest releases that have just dropped in the UK...

Jordy - SNM

Clavish ft. Fredo - Uh Uh

Morrisson - Listen Up

FLO - Walk Like This

House of Pharaohs - Space X

M24 - Yardstyle

SamRecks - Back Bone

SL - English

JAE5 & Lojayft. Tyler ICU & Sha Sha - DishonestC4 - Call Me

Big Tobz ft. India Shan - Toxic Love

Laicositna - Option

Mazza_l20 ft. Tunde - What You Mean?

Mura Masa - Still

Sainte ft. Chow Lee - Fancy

BZ - U Know

Louis Culture - Anyway

Arrdee x Favé - Time

LeoStayTrill x Joshua Baraka - Falling In Love

RV - Venting

Oscar #Worldpeace ft. Qendresa - Heaven

Nino SLG - Holman Road

A92 AO x Niko - Trump

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