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NEW: TS Lagga - Tally That

As he continues to rise through the ranks and make a name for himself within the UK rap game, TS Lagga is back with brand new music. Coming in fresh off the back of his dope double drop 'Juggalato' and 'GSR', it is now time for the London raised rapper to hit us with more heavy hitting bars.

TS Lagga

This latest installment from TS is titled 'Tally That', and once again he sends out a message to the scene, letting everybody know that he is the one to watch this year. With a strong catalogue building behind him, this track see's his development as an artist continue to grow as he sharpens his tools and captivates the listeners with his impactful flows.

Make sure you familiarise yourself with TS Lagga, and check out the brand new track 'Tally That' right here at CGuk via the links provided.


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