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NEW: Timbaland ft. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake - Keep Going Up

Does anyone know what year it is?

This trio have rolled back the years by coming together and creating this fresh new drop which will definitely have you vibing and thinking it’s the year 2006.

Timbaland, Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake

Timbaland has worked with both Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake in the past producing iconic hits like 'Sexy Back' and 'Promiscuous' while all three of them also created a hit in 2007 called 'Give It To Me'.

This song just screams nostalgia, a song full of soul too. The hook in this song is something that will stay in your head once you’ve listened to it, a real catchy tune. The balance in the track is perfect from old rhythms to new ones, it really is one for the ages.

The excitement among the fans is real as this has proved to be a great comeback and the American trio have smashed it and many fans are screaming for an album on the cards? Timbaland has hinted that there’s more music to come from them in a recent article.

Stream ‘Keep Going Up’ below.


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