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NEW: Tay Jordan - Goldie

Tay Jordan is back with a funky new banger 'Goldie' and it is my track of the week ...

If you don't know who Tay Jordan is then where have you been!? Billed as one of the 'UK Rappers To Watch in 2024', Tay 'Norwood' Jordan is THE artist bringing that new refreshing sound for your ears. If you're looking for something to nod your head to, screw your face up while bussin' a lil skank or Crip walk to, then this is the one, trust me.

Tay Jordan

"I'm feelin' like Goldie reborn, you ain't never been a mac you rebore"

What I like about this release is that Tay Jordan is again giving us something fresh, new & nostalgic. 'Goldie' gives that old school g-funk rap vibe, I hear this and I picture man just cruising through the streets of LA in a Cadillac, windows down, speakers up and this banging out the whip.

Tay Jordan calmly raps over the Lowfades g-funk inspired produced beat with swagger, a dope flow and delivers a catchy hook.

"Got a lil bit of dough, I need more, Norwood Jordan bout to blow, C4"

I like the line "they ain't nothing like me" because from fashion to music, Tay Jordan stands out from the rest of the crowd. I mean where else are you seeing a man rocking a white tee, jeans, retro black shades, gold teeth & a Jheri curl?!

This track has easily become my track of the week, and has been added to my playlist, I've wheeled it up, and reloaded it countless times since it's release.

If you haven't done so already, then listen below & let us know if you're feeling it.


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