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NEW: Quavo & Lana Del Rey - Tough

After sending the internet into frenzy with a teaser that caught everyone off-guard, Quavo and Lana Del Rey are back to officially release their highly anticipated collaboration 'Tough'. Merging the sounds of hip-hop and pop, it is safe to say that this one has got the people talking.

Quavo & Lana Del Rey

As they both enter new territory, and take their hand to a new sound and style, Quavo and Lana both step up and deliver adding even more fuel to their viral moment. Not only do we see the duo link up, but we also see Wyatt Spain Winfrey come through and direct a cinematic visual which is already wracking up the numbers.

Be sure to check it out for yourselves via the link below, and let us know if you're feeling the new track 'Tough'.


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