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NEW: Qing Madi ft. Chlöe Bailey - Vision Remix

Stepping up with her first release of the year, Qing Madi is back with a brand new remix of her fan favourite track 'Vision'. With the hit track already wracking up millions of views, it is now time for the fast rising Afrobeats star to team up with R&B talent Chlöe Bailey.

Qing Madi

Chlöe comes along and blesses the track with her soothing vocals adding even more depth to what is already a captivating track. The duo compliment each other perfectly on this remix, and it was only right that they linked up with California to shoot the cinematic visuals.

Be sure to check out the latest drop from Qing Madi below, and keep your eyes peeled for more moves throughout 2024.


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