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NEW: Potter Payper - Trench P (London City)

Following his album release, Potter Payper has made his return staying true to his distinctive style, unleashing the fire once again with his new song 'Trench P'.

Potter Payper

The opening of the song evokes a nostalgic feel; reminiscent of classic film intros, perfectly paving the way for Potter Payper to spit his story. The beat produced by Mason and Yung Swisher complements Potter Payper’s signature storytelling style.

'Trench P' covers themes of gang culture, the music industry, and his experiences of growing up in London. The realism of his lyricism places Potter Payper as one of the most authentic rappers in the game right now.

Stream the song on all platforms now and be sure to secure tickets for his upcoming 'Filthy Free' tour.


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