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NEW: Meekz - Mini Me's

As he prepares for the release of his upcoming mixtape 'TRU', it is time for Manchester's finest Meekz to hit us with brand new music. This latest single is titled 'Mini Me's' and after dropping the trailer on socials earlier this week, he sent the scene into frenzy.


We all know that when Meekz steps up, he delivers. Whether it be lyrically, the production or the visuals, the 0161 rap star's quality control is second to none, and it is safe to say that he has raised the bar with 'Mini Me's'. Flowing effortlessly over Zeeshan production, Meekz reminds us all why he is one of the hottest names in the game right now, while also continuing his impressive work with talented director and videographer KC Locke.

It is the visuals that really set this drop apart, pushing the boundaries with technology and creativity, the duo have most certainly set themselves up with a 'video of the year' contender.

With that being said, be sure to check out the new drop below, and let us know if you're feeling 'Mini Me's'.


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