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NEW: Gucci Mane ft. J Cole & Mike WiLL Made-It - There I Go

Now this is one collaboration I did not have on my bingo card, for this year or any year to be honest! Shame on me!!

J Cole has been giving us an undisputed feature run, that can only be compared to Lil Wayne in his 2007 era. Hit after hit after hit, he truly has the Midas touch and is able to find his pocket on any beat. And Gucci Mane is quite possibly one of the most consistent rappers over the last decade. This man can rap! Like Chip, Gucci cannot run out of bars. He is a rapper’s rapper, just like Cole, and that is why this collab, is the collab you never knew you needed!

Gucci Mane, J Cole & Mike WiLL Made-It

From the first 10seconds we are hit with an infectious instrumental, produced by none other than Mike WiLL Made-It (HUMBLE, Drinks On us, Black Beatles, Formation). This beat is giving 2010 nostalgia, when we were all in our White Tee’s learning how to Dougie (lol). It’s an instant get up and move, groove. Cole is first to grace the instrumental and does so in an effortlessly, cool, controlled and fun way. It’s ANOTHER new flow from Cole - where and how is he collecting all these infinity stones!? His content has been dumbed down slightly to suit the nature of the song but I’m here for it… it honestly wouldn’t feel right hearing him educate us on this Franchize Boyz type beat anyway. There’s some cheeky one liners to keep you entertained, but the main highlight from Cole is the chorus. It’s well worked and has just the right amount of arrogance!

And arrogance is needed to carry a record with Mr Zone 6, Guwop aka Trap God! Gucci never disappoints when it comes to flow, he can literally skate over any instrumental, especially if its from one of his proteges like Mike Will Made it. He keeps up with the pace Cole set and gives some genuine shout out’s to J Cole and his home town in the process.

The song works, it isn’t trying to be too much of anything. You could pick any beat from Mike Will, add Gucci and Cole to it and its going to work. This song didn’t feel forced or like it took a long time to craft. A nice change to hear Cole fun and bouncy and another highlight in Gucci Manes longstanding career. Stream it below:


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