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NEW E.P: Frisco & INFAMOUSIZAK - Winning Team

"Big Frisco and InfamousIzak heard them say that's a winning team"...Whoever said it weren't lying!! 'Winning Team' is a follow up to their earlier hits 'Bad & Clean' and 'UFO' and gives fans 10 more songs where we get to hear both artists effortlessly glide over beats.


If it's not an insight into his earlier life then it's nothing but greaze and smoke from Frisco, who continues to show why he's a GOAT in this ting and why he's one of the UK's 'flow farda's', add in the melodic tones from Izak and it's a wrizzap!!

This album is riddled with sick beats, a bag of bars, some sick flows and a feature from Chip on Track 6 'Something Different'.

Stream 'Winning Team' now and take in the video for 'Something Different' below.


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