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NEW: Doja Cat - Balut

"Remember this, girls, none of you can be first, but all of you can be next" - Dojo Cat opens up her new single with a quote from Ric Flair, that serves as a warning to her peers and predecessors. Her album is near!

From the outset, Doja is rapping with intention, making sure every bar is delivered fatally and accurately. The sonics are similar to her breakout song ‘MOOO!’ but the lyrics are precise and the comedic satire has been reduced. Her verses are tight, the rhymes have an interlocked scheme, the bragging is boasy and the delivery…. is cool, calm and collected! It’s a full circle moment.

Doja Cat

Production wise, Balut is the most laid back of the four releases, taking heavy inspiration from the 90’s and giving us New York Boom Bap vibes with West Coast synths. It sounds like something J Cole would’ve produced in his '4 Your Eyez Only’ era.

Doja has released four songs on the run up to her album, 'Scarlet', entitled 'Attention', 'Paint the Town Red' and 'Demons'. They are all Hip Hop songs in their nature, and have showcased Doja’s ability to rap with the best of them. Musically she has taken huge strides away from her Hip Pop sound, these songs are nothing like ‘Woman’ or ‘Kiss me More’. However, her image and campaign are more Pop then ever. Doja Cat is Hip Hop’s Lady Gaga.

She is purposefully blending shock tactics, with her abstract creativity, to get all eyes on her forthcoming release.

The campaign has caught my attention but the music has held my interest. I have never listened to a full Doja Cat album before. Until now I’ve never really felt like I’m her intended audience. However, I am anticipating Scarlet and I really hope all of the theatrics, are literally just theatrics!

Check out 'Balut' below, and let us know what you think.


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