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NEW: Cash Cobain & J Cole - Grippy

It's the first time we've had new music from J Cole since he famously retracted his diss track for Kendrick Lamar, and apologised to the Compton rapper. Now, this might have split the publics opinion, but the Germany born, North Carolina raised rapper seems pretty unfazed as he links up with Cash Cobain for a brand new single.

J Cole & Cash Cobain

It won't take you long to work out what this track is about, but let's just say it's worlds apart from the rap beef that he could have found himself caught up in. 'Grippy' see's Cole drop off some dope verses before Cash comes through with his infectious melodies to apply the finishing touches.

Let us know if you're feeling the latest single 'Grippy', and keep your eyes peeled for more music from both Cash Cobain and J Cole.


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