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NEW: Brent Faiyaz - WY@

Brent Faiyaz cannot do any wrong. Lets be honest, since 'Sonder' first popped up on our Spotify we’ve all be captivated by Brent’s silky Donnel Jones type voice, ratchet lyrics and incredible production. 'WY@' stays true to this formula. Yes its nothing new from Brent, but that’s exactly why I love it so much.

Brent Faiyaz

Mr Faiyaz has his own lane in R&B, his own soundscape, that’s usually quite stripped back and sensual - its the perfect back drop for his crooning.

I’ve had 'WY@' on repeat over the weekend. The lady speaking Spanish, caught my attention, I google translated her dialogue and all I am going to say is her last sentence is ‘I want you to eat me like that ice cream that you like so much. Kisses, daddy’!!

Brent has a knack for making filthy sound romantic, like every great R&B artist before him. Another chink in his armour, check out the single below. - 8/10!

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