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NEW ALBUM: Doja Cat - Scarlet 2 CLAUDE

Doja Cat has gifted us with a second part to ‘Scarlet’ named ‘Scarlet 2 CLAUDE.’ This addition has 7 fresh tracks: ‘ACKNOWLEDGE ME’, ‘DISRESPECTFUL’, ‘URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!’, ‘OKLOSER’, ‘MASC’, ‘PISS’ and ‘HEADHIGH.’ This extension of the original album takes inspiration from antagonist Claude Frollo from Victor Hugo’s novel; “The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.” The name of this disc serves as a metaphor that represents the pressures creatives face in the music industry, according to Doja Cat.

Doja Cat

Doja Cat effortlessly unleashes her creativity in each track of the album, refusing to adhere to any specific audience or genre. The album kicks off with the assertive statement of 'ACKNOWLEDGE ME,' followed by the lively tracks 'DISRESPECTFUL', 'URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!' alongside A$AP Rocky and 'OKLOSER', all of which highlight her impressive rap skills. Then, transitioning to the soothing tones of 'MASC' featuring Teezo Touchdown's complementary vocals. Wrapping up with the tracks 'PISS' and 'HEADHIGH,' Doja Cat maintains her energetic momentum.

On the album as a whole, while there are a few exceptional standout tracks, many seem to serve as mere fillers, lacking the same level of depth and impact. Fans seem to be loving the second part of the album so far, particularly 'MASC' and 'URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!'

Stream the Scarlet 2 CLAUDE album now and let us know your thoughts:


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