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NEW ALBUM: Busta Rhymes - Blockbusta

What do you do when you mix Busta, with Pharell, Swizz Beatz & Timbaland?? GREATNESS!! That's the word I use to describe this album.

'Blockbusta' is Busta Rhymes' 11th album and personally this might just be my favourite album from him; the production is on point, the features are really good and Busta delivers on each and every track. I've been patiently waiting for this album and it hasn't disappointed, in facts it's got better with every listen; and I've been spinning it since it dropped.

Busta Rhymes

If your an old school fan of Busta Rhymes expecting to hear something similar to his previous works then I'm going to tell you now; you wont find it here, if you want old Busta, go and listen to old Busta because this body of work feels like it belongs in this era - I don't feel Busta has done the thing where he's trying to sound modern. He still gives us a rapid flows here and there, the energy is there, the tones are on point, the adlibs are perfectly placed; it's just a dope album, I knew i'd like it but didn't know I'd like it this much.

My favourite track; and I mean my absolute favourite track is 'Could It Be You' which features Blxst and Yung Bleu, and is produced by OzMoses Arketex. Ah man, the track sllaaapppsss, the hook is amazing, all the verses bang and the beat is so smooth!!! A couple other tracks that I really like are 'Big Everything' featuring DaBaby & T-Pain, 'Stand Up' with JNR CHOI - Oi, the 'Gangsters Paradise' sample on that one is ccoollldddd.

'The Statement' really sets the tone and if you're not bopping your head then boy...*shrugs*, 'Slide' the mystical 'Watch Yo' Self' adlib works really well on that one and I really like the last track 'If You Don't Know Now You Know Pt2' featuring Big Tigger - this is the track where Busta gives us a good insight into his life, his achievements and his journey.

Overall the album is very impressive - if your from the 90's then you've got to rate the 'Blockbuster' artwork that he dropped as part of the promo to show the track list. This album is easily one of my favourite albums dropped this year and as mentioned before (and in my opinion) the best album Busta has dropped.

If you're a Busta fan and haven't listened to this album yet then stream it right here.

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