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LIVE: Toosii @ O2 Forum, Kentish Town

Ever since bursting onto the scene, Toosii had never been to the UK prior to his “The Favorite Tour,” many fans have anticipated his arrival for some time now. It looked like him and his management was waiting until the right time to come to Europe and with his latest hit single “Favorite Song” going viral, it made perfect sense. I think the wider vision is to get the artist at biggest UK festivals in the future and build his fan base over here, I was surprised not to see him on the Wireless Festival line up for this year.

The crowd reaction for Toosii coming out, truly surprised me, it has to be one of the best fan reaction I have saw. The fact the rapper has been in the game a few years and has only toured in the UK now, definitely has something to do with the anticipation building up to the concert. The North Carolina artist also surprised fans with a unreleased record from his upcoming album “Woo Lady.” Whenever an artist decides to perform an unreleased record it can go either way, they will either like it and vibe to it or you will get the complete opposite and the crowd will be static. Woo Lady is a record that has been leaked quite a few times on social media already, people have already attached themselves to the song and it was clear to see, fans were signing along word for word. The rapper was even surprised after finishing the song, telling us “damnnn I didn’t even know so many of y’all had heard that track.” At one point, the rapper was moving like Tory Lanez, climbing around the O2 Forum to get closer to his fans.

During his tour around Europe, the rapper had some pretty big announcements to make. He announced his first official debut album “NAUJOUR” will be out on June 2nd, alongside 22 tour dates in the States, to support the album. After recently having a son, it is great to see him pose with his Mom and newly born on the cover of this upcoming album. He didn’t stop there, he also got the news that “Favorite Song” has gone platinum in just 2 months of being released. If you’ve been rocking with Toosii from day one, you know how big of an achievement this is, his growth has been organic.

The Favorite Tour might have been one of my favourite shows this year! The energy, the crowd and the vibes were truly unmatched, it is vary rare to have a crowd that engaged with your performances and movement, the way Toosii did. As this was his first time in the UK I definitely expect him to be coming back soon, maybe even on some UK festival dates.

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