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Kendrick vs Drake: It's Just Warming Up

So, we're officially in war season! After Kendrick sent shockwaves through the rap game a few weeks back with his guest verse on Future & Metro Boomin's 'Like That', it sparked a huge beef amongst the 'Big 3', while there seemed to be a long list of rappers and artists stepping forward to take a jab at Drake.

Kendrick vs Drake

With Drake and J Cole already sharing their allegiance with one another, Kendrick took swipes at the two of them, triggering responses from them both. The Dreamville frontman would go on to retract his diss track for Kenny, but Aubrey was not stepping down so easily.

The OVO star has hit us with not one, but two diss tracks which left him with the upper hand. Although the more recent diss track featured AI verses from hip-hop icons Tupac and Snoop Dogg. This did not sit well with the Shakur estate, who demanded Drake removed the track from the web. But, all of this has been going on and we still haven't had any response from Kendrick Lamar, the man who started the beef.

Well, the wait is over. Kendrick finally dropped his response for Drake, a 6 minute diss titled 'Euphoria'. Taking numerous jabs at Drake throughout, this will most certainly increase the tension between the two, and we're expecting to see them both go head-to-head over the coming weeks.

So, who have you got winning at the moment? When will Drake drop his response? Does Kendrick have more to say? Let us know your thoughts and keep your eyes peeled for more moves from everyone involved.


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