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inQUIZitive: LIV

It's that time! We're back with a brand new installment of our inQUIZitive series. Having championed some incredible, upcoming talent including sbk, Wohdee and Lil Shakz, it is now time for us to shine a light on one of Birmingham's most exciting prospects who goes by the name of LIV.

With a strong catalogue of music building behind her, LIV is ready to make waves in the UK scene, and there is no doubt that her breakthrough year is setting her up for years of success. As she prepares to spend the last months of 2023 enhancing her reputation, it was only right that we caught up with her to get some insight into her journey, inspirations and future plans.


In 5 words or phrases, describe the city that raised you - and tell us your most distinctive memory growing up there?

Everyone knows everyone but no one knows nobody, Realist city, Heart of real rap (we got nuff niggas that will spin any other city), Froggy, Battle of the Egos

My most distinctive memories have to be my childhood. I’m talking specifically year 7 to year 11, not anything in school either, everything outside. I’m talking pointless town trips with no money just a bus ticket for maccies, chilling in eat4less before school, purposely being late for school, never leaving town after school to wait for fights, maccies dale end, being shook of the road man outside the buckys, crackheads on the bus, knowing everyone at the park, being at the park every available opportunity. YO countless, countless memories. I loved my childhood and where I’m from, more time why I’ll always represent Brum to the fullest.

If you had to pick 3 tracks that summarise your musical influences, what would they be?

Jaykae - Moscow, Nipsey Hussle - Status Symbol 1, 2 & 3, Young MA - Car Confessions

You’ve got the choice of 3 artists, dead or alive, to be your mentors for the rest of your career. Who are you picking?

Nipsey Hussle, Jaykae, Teyanna Taylor

You’re trapped on an island, and you can only have 3 items. What are you picking?

Water, Vaseline, Hunting Knife

You’re only allowed 3 clothing brands/designers in your wardrobe. What are you wearing?

Nike, OVO, Ninth Street

2023 has seen you emerge onto the scene with serious force, but when was it that you discovered your ability as a rapper?

I’d say I’ve always had the ability, from writing silly raps when I was young but seriously sitting down and writing, May 2021.

With 8 singles under your belt so far this year - if you had to pick one, which would be your favourite and why?

RBGH - In 2021, the original version of this tune was created. This was so early in both of our journeys but it came so naturally and we had a lot of fun making it. This year, we shot the promo for this tune with all members of btds and again, we produced top tier content which then benefited us massively and gave us all a crazy confidence booster!

We’ve seen you work closely with fellow ‘btds’ talent Shaquil - despite your difference in style, you compliment each other well. Why do you think that is? And can we expect any more collaborations?

I’ve known Shaquil for as long as I can remember. We both hold music as a priority in our lives before we even called ourselves artists so everything you see or hear is genuinely natural. When we work together both professionally and musically, it’s easy. He is not only my brother (from another) but he is such an important person in my life who continually inspires me to be better. We are constantly writing new music together so theres no doubt you will hear more music landing soon!

Just to take a bit more of a deep dive into the ‘btds’ collective - how did it all come together, and what’s the long term vision for the team?

I’ve known Torres since she was in year 7, we didn’t go same school but I practically watched her grow up and we jus grew closer over the years. Again, T is like the little sister I never had so when it came to her realising I wanted to take music seriously, she didn’t hesitate to help me however she could. Torres is the most creative person I know in life so she took it from nothing to something. Literally. As she does with everything, it’s never not done to the highest standard. T came up with the name randomly (as she does), created the logo in minutes, sent it into the group chat and the rest is actually history now. “btds” is our family, our foundation and visually shows you who we all are “behind the door”. We’ve been live since January 2023, we’ve done so much already, we’ve shown so much and we’ve certainly inspired many to get on their sh!t. We ain’t stopping any time soon so therefore, I cannot wait for what God has install for us.

Finally, the first half of 2023 has been super productive. What can we expect to see next from LIV? Is there more singles, or can we expect a project?

I’m LIVIN n LUVIN life right now. In all seriousness though, the music has helped and is helping me become much happier in life and believe in myself and what I’m doing. I know myself, I want to continue to exude good energy in any setting I’m in and through my music. I appreciate anyone who supports me because that’s a real reason why I’m still going and haven’t stopped dropping. As for a project… January 2024. We’re working.


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