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inQUIZitive: Kashino

We're back with a brand new interview series where we sit down with some of the most exciting talents coming out of the music industry, and get to know them a little bit better. With a blend of lifestyle and career based questions, the CGuk team will dig deep with the artists and give the fans an insight into the lifestyle, journey and musical influences.

First up we have an exciting Birmingham raised rapper who has just released his debut mixtape 'The Gamble'. It's no other than BE83 signed artist, Kashino. Let's get into it!

• In 5 words, describe the city that raised you - and tell us your most distinctive memory growing up there?

"Repulsive, contemporary, diverse, amusing and miraculous (on the good days). Birmingham is very complex, that’s why I have mixed emotions. My best memory growing up has to be going on bike rides with the mandem, we’d go from Handsworth all the way to West Brom, and then going to make music in different studios across Brum"

• You get home and your family are playing music…what 3 tracks can we expect to hear?

"I’m going to have to go with Vybz Kartel - Mr Officer, Beres Hammond - Feel Good and Tupac - Hail Mary"

• You can have a studio session with one artist, and one producer. Who you linking up with?

"If it can be someone that’s passed away, it’s got to be Pop Smoke, but if not, I’ll have to choose Meek Mill. And for the producer, I have to bring along Trin. It’s always Trin aka TR3 who produced almost every track on my new tape"

• You’re only allowed 3 clothing brands/designers in your wardrobe. What are you wearing?

"I always wear Nike. I’m not really a designer type of person. I’ve recently got into Under Armour. Third? I’d have to say Nike again. I don’t really wear anything else"

• You can erase one film or tv series from your memory, and can watch it again for the first time. What are you picking?

"For the film, I’m going to pick ‘Four Brothers’, and for the TV show, I’d pick ‘Power’"

• You’ve made a strong impact since emerging on to the scene, what’s your proudest moment so far?

"My proudest moment has to be my album. The way everyone has come together as a collective and just made something this good. From when the albums been out, I’ve had no bad comments. No bad comments at all. And they like every single track on there. Normally people have something to say, but yeah, the album and seeing how far I’ve come from ‘Chase That Mulla’. Just seeing the progress with the audio, the visuals, and building new connections within the music industry"

• It seems like you and Trin have formed a strong partnership. How did you two link up, and what is it about his productions that works so well with your style?

"The craziest thing is with me and Trin, I’ve known him for ages, but he’s been making beats longer than I’ve been rapping. So, one day I was going studio with him and I was making ‘Have You Ever’, then I heard him making a beat, and straight away I told him I’m making the track to this beat. That’s how we started collaborating, and now we’ve got over 250 tracks together. It’s crazy. Trin just goes off his emotions, whatever beat he wants to make, as soon I hear the melody I just start writing"

• When did you discover your ability to rap, and what made you start writing?

"So I started writing when I was in secondary school because I picked BTEC Music. The funniest thing is, my first bars I didn’t write, I didn’t actually know how to write music, so my bredrin wrote the lyrics, and I just rapped them and they all told me I’ve got the voice for it. So, from then I’ve just been going to different studios like Oakland studio, and just started doing my own thing and seeing what could happen.

• The rise of BE83 has been huge for the city of Birmingham. How did it feel to enter the game being a part of the label?

"I’m not gonna lie it was overwhelming, but I’m good with pressure. I just got down to work and did what I had to do. I felt like Samcho when he was signing for Manchester United, like all eyes on me. You just have to focus, put your head down and do what people know you’re capable of"

• You’ve just released your debut mixtape ‘The Gamble’. If you had to sum the project up in 3 words, how would you describe it?

"Off the top of my head I’m going to say phenomenal. I think it’s real engaging as well. The way Mayhem has set up each track in their position. Everyone has tuned in from the intro to the outro. And, I’d say lit. I stay lit all the way throughout the whole album"


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