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inQUIZitive: Jimmy

We're back with a brand new edition of inQUIZitive, and this time round we shine a light on UK rapper who has been making some serious noise over recent times. Whether it be alongside his 98's family, or as a solo artist, Jimmy is taking the game by storm.

Coming in off the back of his brand new project 'Where Should I Start?', we had the pleasure of catching up with Jimmy to take a deep dive into his upbringing, journeyand plans for the future. Check out the full conversation below, and keep your eyes peeled for more moves from the rising East London star.


In 5 words, describe the city/area that raised you - and tell us your most distinctive memory growing up there?

Born and raised in Hackney. Dark, motivational, exciting, eventful, cosy – money up the wall everyday...

You’re only allowed 3 clothing brands/designers in your wardrobe. What are you wearing?

Nike, CP Company & Billionaire Boys Club

If you had to pick 3 tracks that summarise your musical influences, what would they be?

"9 Ways", "It Ain’t Easy" and "Flashbacks"

Your diet is limited to two meals. You can pick one that you have to cook, and can pick one to be cooked for you. What are you going for?

I'm cooking jollof rice with beef, and to be cooked for me I'm going with rice and grilled fish.

You came up alongside your 98s family, but let’s take things back a little further. When did you discover your ability to rap, and what made you want to take it seriously?

I knew I could rap from like the age of 16 but I took it seriously in 2019.

2022 saw you really put your foot on the gas and make a name for yourself. Do you feel like coming up as part of 98s gave you any added motivation to succeed as a solo artist?

I feel like us being all together as the 98s opened doors for every member. I’ve always been self motivated so rapping with the mandem just made us go harder.

One of your more recent singles ‘In N Out’ saw you team up with Chase & Status - how did that link up come about?

We got in a session then the magic happened. We had two session one for "In N Out" and the other for "Fade Out".

With both ‘Risk It All’ and ‘Alchemy’ proving to be popular with your fans, what can we expect from ‘Where Should I Start’?


It’s been an amazing start to 2024, but can you share with us what you have in store for the remainder of the year?

Expect a lot of singles and also some collabs.


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