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inQUIZitive: Ella More

We're back! It's time for a brand new edition of 'inQUIZitive'; the digital interview series where we give some of the most exciting talents coming out of the music industry, the opportunity to express themselves and let us know who they really are. With a blend of lifestyle and career based questions, the CGuk team will dig deep with the artists and give the fans an insight into their lifestyle, journey and musical influences.

Following the release of her debut single 'Never Go' in January, the Birmingham born, London based singer-songwriter quickly followed up with her second track 'You Know'. Now, as she plans to take the UK scene by storm, we caught up with Ella to give her growing fan base the opportunity to get to know her a little better.

Ella More photoshoot

• In 5 words, describe the city that raised you - and tell us your most distinctive memory growing up there?
"Diverse, inspiring, community, underrated, home. For some reason fish and chip Fridays comes to mind, haha. I remember going to swimming class with my brother, cousin, and some family friends, then all heading back together with our fish and chips, and the adults would chat downstairs while all the kids, like 10 of us, would crowd round the one computer watching the oldest kids play games. Feels like we did this religiously every Friday for a long time and it was always my favourite time of the week."

• You’re only allowed 3 clothing brands/designers in your wardrobe. What are you wearing?
"Nike, Diesel, and Raf Simons for the boots/trainers."

• You’re curating a line up for a show and you can pick 2 DJ’s, and 3 artists - who are you booking?
"I’d have to say Keyrah and Kojay, plus they’re both Brummies so that’s an added bonus. Artists, tough! Maybe Solange, Outkast and Frank Ocean."

• If you had to pick 3 tracks that summarise your musical influences, what would they be?
"Amy Winehouse - Wake Up Alone, Alicia Keys - If I Aint Got You and Chris Isaak - Wicked Game"

• Your diet is limited to two meals. You can pick one that you have to cook, and can pick one to be cooked for you. What are you going for?
"Refried bean enchiladas, my mum's recipe. Plus all the trimmings: guacamole, soured cream, salsa, and lots of jalapenos. Then cooked for me would be Chilli Paneer and cheesy garlic naan from the Covered Wagon in Birmingham. Very specific but 10/10 every time."

• You’ve started the year on a high with the release of your debut single ‘Never Go’ - how did it feel to officially start releasing music?
"It feels so so so good! It was like a huge weight lifted, and it felt so nice after years of telling people something’s coming out soon to finally put something out. I think when you sit with something for too long you get lost in it and lose perspective and put all this unnecessary pressure on it, so finally releasing felt extremely freeing and exciting!"

• What are your studio/writing session necessities? Is there any non-negotiable for when you’re about to start creating?
"Sleep! And a calm energy in the room but that’s about it. I’m not super particular, sometimes it comes and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m trying to be less down on myself when I come out of a session that hasn’t been super successful and just think it wasn’t meant to be that day. Oh and crisps, anyone I’ve worked with can tell you I’m pulling up with at least 2 packets of crisps in my bag. I can’t do anything if I’m hungry haha."

• When did you discover your musical talents, and when did you realise you wanted to pursue a career as an artist?
"I’ve always loved writing, it started with poetry when I was younger. Then my mum and dad urged me to learn the piano and saxophone, and eventually the two sort of combined and here we are. It’s only really over the last couple of years though that I decided oh maybe I could do this everyday. During covid I spent the time reading, writing, singing and refining my sound. I think the pandemic put a lot of things into perspective and I realised I have one life, why not fill it by doing the thing that I love the most."

• You saw great success with ‘Never Go’, securing BBC Radio 1 airtime with your first release. What’s the next milestone you’d like to reach?
"I’d love to start doing more live sets, some festivals, and eventually a tour. I love performing and can’t wait to showcase everything I’ve been working on in a live setting."

• What can we expect to see next from you? Any shows, singles, projects that you’d like to tell us about?
"Lots hopefully! My second single ‘You Know’ just got released and we’re filming something exciting for that very soon. Then you can catch me in Brighton for the Great Escape festival in May and back home in July for the Mostly Jazz festival. Other than that the plan is to keep releasing work throughout the year and see what happens. If anyones interested to find out more about any and all upcoming music, shows, or just learn a bit more about me, the best place to find out is my Instagram."


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