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inQUIZitive: Courtney Courtney

It's time for the first inQUIZitive of 2024, and this exciting new edition see's us sit down with an artist who had an incredible breakthrough into the industry last year. Not only did she feature on our 'On Your Radar' list for 2024, but she also saw great success following the release of tracks such as 'Mum's Car' and 'Overthinking'.

That's right, it's no other than Courtney Courtney. The South East London raised singer-songwriter has just released her brand new single 'Ready For Ya', and we thought it was the perfect time to check in, and give you guys the chance to get to know her a little better.

inQUIZitive: Courtney Courtney

You’ve been booked for Glastonbury, Coachellla & Rolling Loud, but they all fall on the same day. You can only pick one, which booking are you taking?

Coachella would be crazy! Rolling Loud looks sick but Glastonbury’s ours init. All of them one day but if I had to pick, Ive got to say Glastonbury.

If you had to pick 3 tracks that summarise your musical influences, what would they be?

I honestly hate these questions, it’s always so hard to narrow it down… I think I have to say 3 artists instead. Joy Crooks, Pink Pantheress and Pip Millett. 

You can get two artists/producers in a studio session to create the dream collaboration - who are you calling?

100% has to be Raye and Chase & Status. Don’t know if I’d want them in the same session but a session with each of them would be wicked.

You get home and your family are playing music…what 3 tracks can we expect to hear?

My house only ever has Drum & Bass, House or UKG playing as I live at home with my mumma still and this is what she raised us on. She’s usually got it blasting as loud as it goes and till whatever time in the morning she sees fit. 

Your diet is limited to two meals. You can pick one that you have to cook, and can pick one to be cooked for you. What are you going for?

I cook a beautiful roast I can’t lie, I think I’d do that. Cooked for me, brown stew chicken, rice and peas, plantain & mac. It’s a winner.

Last year we saw you breakout into the industry with your debut single ‘Mum’s Car’, but we were keen to know how long you’ve been writing music, and how old were you when you discovered your vocal ability?

I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember, I come from a very musical household. My brother always used to take me studio. I have cousins that rap and they used to get me on the hooks/choruses of their songs. I always sang covers and recorded a couple videos back in 2018/19 but I never wrote until recently. I’ve always said singing and songwriting are two different skills, which they are but I never thought I was capable of both until someone encouraged me, I started writing about 2 years ago.

‘Mum’s Car’ and ‘Overthinking’ see you travel all the way from Drum & Bass influences to a more pop-infused sound. Are there any other genres that you have been or would like to experiment with?

I’m a big lover of Neo Soul/Alternative R&B, so you’ll definitely hear me touch on those at some point.

Your first year officially releasing music saw Jools Holland present you with the prestigious ‘Rising Star Of The Year Award’ at The Boisdale Music Awards. We firmly believe it’s the 1st of many, but is there any award in particular that you’ve got your eyes on?

This was crazy. Honestly, I don’t know how or why I won that but very blessed and honoured none the less. If I’m honest, I don’t look at awards or titles with the ambition I maybe should. That will probably change as time goes on and I find my feet in the industry and believe in myself more, but for now I’m just riding the high of making music and celebrating all the milestones, even those some may see as a minor. 

Recent singles have seen you pour your heart into the music and navigate the trials and tribulations of heartbreak. Can we expect similar themes in your music throughout 2024 or do you have plans to delve into different topics?

For this side of the year the theme of my music will stay the same, as I’m currently working on my debut E.P which has a theme of love/heartbreak. So, for now yes, but there’s definitely more topics I’ll be touching on once I complete this project.

With your EP in the works, do you have any other plans or goals for the year ahead that you’d be willing to share with us? More singles, shows, even another project?

Yes! I’ll be having a release party early March to celebrate the EP. I’ll be sharing more details about this on my socials very soon so people will have the chance to get tickets💃🏽 My main focus is this for now but who knows what the rest of the year holds!


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