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BBK: Back In Business

It’s Friday evening; all work for the week has come to an end. I need a break from ‘adulting,’ so I go and visit my bro/brudda/bredrin/homey/friend. We get chatting about music and decide to catch up on the recent videos we’ve heard about but not had a chance to take in yet. First up, Skepta - Gas Me Up, next House Of Pharaohs ft JME, followed by Dizzee Rascal ft D Double E and JME, and to finish it off, Mango St Hilaire ft P Money and none other than… JME! Are you seeing what I am seeing?

BBK: Back In Business

The Boy Better Know collective has started the year with a pretty clear statement - we’re back! Five or more releases within 25 days of 2024 is no coincidence! Nearly all of them being collaborations with the biggest names and pioneers in the scene isn’t a coincidence either. BBK has always been the most diligent and organised group to come from our scene since So Solid Crew. JME’s individual brilliance, Skepta’s formidable evolution, and Frisco’s immaculate career are the core mechanics behind this machine.

We’ve felt the vibrations of Grime emerging from its slump - thanks to peeps like Balamii, Wize the Producer, INFAMOUSIZACK, Ghetts, Nemzz, Knucks, and more. They’ve all breathed fresh air into the sound in their ways, elevating the 140bpm tempo into new sonics. But there is a strong, thunderous rumble we can all feel now that BBK has made their stomp! All of the songs I mentioned earlier are bangers, in their right. They all have replay value. They all have audiences in mind that are eager for music. They all have a high quality of finesse and execution. They are all great products.

That’s what BBK seems to always remember; this is a music business. When it’s all said and done, you need good products to make movements. Most of us forget this, but they never do; they are professionals. The success of their records is almost guaranteed because they are doing the work. House of Pharaohs said they chose the best beat in a JME beat folder, and the rest was a wrap. Skepta’s new single is another UK-US blended masterpiece, with stunning delivery from the songwriter. And the genius move was adding the acapella on the DSP releases. We’re in the era of edits, blends, and mashups, and Skepta’s vocals are often used. It makes sense that he supplies the vocals and spreads the release further. Frisco blended Dancehall with Grime in a way nobody has and expanded the genre to new heights. These guys are really it!

Boy Better Know’s return isn’t just a comeback; it’s a seismic force shaking up the current music scene. With their meticulous craft, cutting-edge collaborations, and a keen understanding of the industry, BBK reminds us it's more than just music; it's a business, and they’re the pros. In the midst of a Grime resurgence, fueled by talents like Ghetts, Novelist, Mercston, AJ Tracey, and more, the spotlight gleams brightest on North London. Skepta, JME, and Frisco lead the charge, each bringing their unique brilliance to this sonic revival. So, get ready for the wave whilst Skepta cooks up another hot release – Boy Better Know is back, and they're here to stay. Welcome back!

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